The ultimate luxury Indian Wedding organisers

A luxurious Indian wedding is a living, breathing thing.

It has heart. It has soul. It has a racing pulse…from the second the match is made to the moment the magic unfolds.

It takes nurture. It calls for patience. It consumes colossal supplies of imagination, inspiration and experience.

And most of all…it thrives on the spectacular!


Welcome to Silverfox

Silverfox is the brainchild of Raj Somaiya…21st century entrepreneur, modern day socialite and star of Channel 4OD’s ‘My Big Fat Asian Wedding’.

The driving force behind one of Europe’s fastest growing event & spectacular Indian wedding planning companies, his passion for perfection is unlimited.

His talent for blending beauty and elegance with opulence and extravagance is unequalled.

And his vision for everything from a traditional wedding or celebration, to a fusion wedding, to a triumph of Bollywood Star proportions, simply knows no bounds.

Not just the ultimate Asian wedding planner…

An unashamed party animal, Raj and his growing team of creative directors, also feed on the challenge of creating legendary events…breathtaking birthdays, amazing anniversaries, and parties with pazazzzzz!

They live on the adrenaline-rush of achieving the impossible.

And they love the sheer joy and excitement unleashed when everything comes magnificently together.

So, now you know where to come for the luxury cultural weddings that will be talked about for years to come, or the party that demands something original, unforgettable or outrageously out of the ordinary.

The answer will be…Yes! You just need to ask the question.