Question: How do you plan a lavish garden party in England, but avoid the very real risk of it raining on your parade?

Answer: First you build a giant ‘glass’ marquee in your garden. Then you turf it, ‘plant’ trees, shrubs and flowers, and fill it with furniture. Then you relax and let the weather try its worst. Simple

The Event

Who doesn’t love a garden party? Especially when we know that raindrops won’t keep falling on your Pimm’s. So that’s precisely what we laid on for this 50th birthday celebration…with over 100 guests dressed for summer.

The theme was pink. The food was Indian, but with the accent on ‘modern’. Masters of illusion conjured mysterious distractions. And the music was a mix of Manc-band classics, mash-ups and monster hits from the awesome Bourbon Street Band.

By the way. it didn’t rain. Nor did it hail, snow or blow a gale. So the giant beanbags we scattered outdoors were a romantic ‘under-the-stars’ hit, while the roaring fire-pit helped keep the mood hot and heady.

The Reaction

“We really, really wanted an outdoor garden party. But Raj and his team had a better idea. Why run the very real risk of the weather being against us when we could recreate our garden…’indoors’. Yes, they actually built a glass marquee, featuring grass, plants…and illumination by moonlight. Unbelievable. And all without a single concern about the elements.” —Hayley Showman

LOCATION Our Host’s Gardens, Hale
EVENT 50th Birthday Party
THEME Pretty in Pink
GUESTS 100-125
ENTERTAINMENT The Bourbon Street Band, Illusionist
FOOD Contemporary Indian

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