The Circus Comes To Town

We like a challenge. But when a wedding starts on Monday, and is still in full swing on Saturday, even our creative juices are put to the test. Especially when two locations are involved along with 300 to 500 guests…every day!

Challenge accepted.

The Event

Where to start? Well, we took our themes and inspiration from the festivals celebrating Ganesh and Krishna. Then we upped the scale, and upped it again, until we’d created a fabulous feast for the eyes, ears and tastebuds.

First we transformed the host’s garden and the grounds of Cheshire’s Adlington Hall into glittering palaces of entertainment, showmanship and unbridled joy. Then we created a breathtaking, non-stop carnival of lights, colour, music, laughter and love.

A giant stage played host to K Sparks, Hare Krishna Guys and swirling dancers. ‘Food stalls’ offered delicate delights, day and night. Fire-eaters breathed flames. Horses paraded. And magic was in the air.

Challenge delivered. In spectacular style.

The Reaction

“We had the most amazing wedding EVER!!! Raj and the Silverfox team were everything we’d hoped for…and more! We would recommend them to anyone looking to plan their special day.” —Mrs Passi

LOCATION Our Host’s Gardens & Adlington Hall, Cheshire
THEME The Festivals of Ganesh & Krishna
GUESTS 300-500 daily
ENTERTAINMENT K Sparks, Hare Krishna Guys, Dancers and Circus
FOOD Traditional Indian vegetarian

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