The Dorchester Goes To Bollywood

Engaging with over 400 wedding guests is an epic challenge. Not least because the spectacle we had in mind featured not one, but two lavish sets…in the same suite, one after the other! But we love a challenge. And the hosts fell in love with our Bollywood production.

The Event

Venue…The Dorchester. Occasion…one of the biggest Indian wedding receptions Britain has ever seen. Brief…capture the hearts, minds and imaginations of 420 guests including celebrities, politicians and a galaxy of Bollywood’s biggest, brightest stars.

Act 1. The Dorchester’s main ballroom transformed into a mesmerising display of floral decoration, echoing the breathtaking beauty of Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles and capturing the magical moment, frozen in time, in Jean-Honore Fragonard’s magnificent 18th century masterpiece, The Swing.

Act 2. Move over 12-piece band, step back Bollywood guests, as the backdrop to the ballroom melts away to reveal a VIP-themed Night Club…complete with spectacular mood lighting, a neon-drenched bar and a top DJ to play long, long into the night.

The Reaction

“The quality of the Silverfox planning, and the professionalism of their team…it was simply the best!” —Anooshe Mussarat

LOCATION The Dorchester, Park Lane, London
EVENT Wedding
THEME Bollywood
ENTERTAINMENT DJ, 12-piece Band, Bollywood Mega-Stars
FOOD Traditional British Contemporary by Henry Brosi

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The Movie