Viva Las Vegas

Preston is…Sin City!
They say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. But who says Vegas has to stay in Vegas?
Not us, because we picked it up – glam, glitter, gaudiness and gambling – then put it down again…in Preston’s Marriott hotel!

The Event

Forget transatlantic air tickets. Ignore lousy rates of exchange. Don’t worry about putting the dog in kennels. We recreated the life and soul of Vegas for a 50th Birthday Party that had all the fabulous fun and foolishness of the entertainment capital of the world.

We changed the carpets. We decorated anything that didn’t move (as well as a few things that did). We designed every tiny detail to capture the outrageous decadence of sin city. And we shipped in tables too (you know the sort we mean!).

Then Marilyn Munroe made a guest appearance. And so did Elvis!. Cue a night of music, madness and mayhem as 150 guests let down their hair, forgot where they were, and had a hunka hunka burnin’ fun.

The Reaction

“Silverfox planned the event amazingly, from the smallest to the largest detail. We cannot recommend them enough.”

—Dr Luthra

LOCATION Marriott Hotel, Preston
EVENT 50th Birthday Party
THEME Viva Las Vegas
ENTERTAINMENT Elvis and Marilyn Munroe Tributes, DJ
FOOD Traditional Indian

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