The secret of a great party? It’s a trick of the light.

Might sound crazy, but it’s true. Parties that ‘go with a swing’ rely heavily on the right mood and the right atmosphere.

Yes, much of that is down to the people, the place and, of course, the preparation. But one of the real ‘tricks of the trade’ is to get smart with the lighting. And there’s a lot more to that than simply turning the lights down low.

Our lighting directors and set designers work hand-in-hand to ‘move’ an event through a whole series of sensory experiences. Together they can create a ‘sunshine-drenched’ arrival or a magical moonlit moment. They can put a soft and intimate spotlight on ‘the first dance’ or unleash a kaleidoscope of Ibiza club colours. They can conjure up a sparkling winter wonderland, or a steamy tropical paradise (complete with the sound of crickets, of course!).

In fact, nothing is impossible with a little time, a little imagination, and a lot of hands-on experience. Easy when you know how.

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