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How To Plan The Most Incredible Overseas Wedding

The Location

There’s little doubt that ‘overseas’ weddings are fast becoming today’s location of choice.
The big question is…where?

For some people, it’s family background and history that makes the decision for you. But for others, it’s all about choosing somewhere that embraces the romance of the occasion, or is simply a spectacular setting that will add to the enjoyment for every guest.

From Tuscany to Dubai, from LA to Mumbai, the choice is never-ending. So making the right one depends on a host of other factors too…decisions of practical and logistical relevance starting with the venue itself.

Will it be a château in France, a skyscraper in The Emirates, a private island in the Med or a simple country retreat hidden in the Pyrenees?

With so many possible options, life is made easier by enlisting the skills and talents of a company like SilverFox who can make recommendations, narrow down choices, and make all the initial enquiries for you.

In fact, it’s this kind of specialist knowledge that makes the difference between a wedding that runs like clockwork, or one that bumps into unforeseen challenges. Without this support, here are some of the other things you have to consider.

Stunning Overseas weddings

The Weather

For example, timing is everything. Most overseas weddings feature a considerable amount of outside activity. So weather and climate are all-important. Not simply “will it be fine”, but could it actually be too hot? Choosing the right season is critical.

Number of Guests

The number of guests is a major consideration, as is the number of events. No point in choosing the venue of your dreams if it can’t host the numbers involved, or reinvent itself quickly for two or three different parts of your celebration.

Of course, stunningly decorated marquees can often come to the rescue here and, again, this takes the extra vision and skills of a team who know how to turn the ideal into the absolutely perfect.


But there is so much more to guaranteeing that everyone arrives expecting something special and then leaves with fabulous memories. Take the accommodation. Inviting hundreds of guests to a far flung destination is all very well, but they will all need somewhere to stay. So ensuring the quality and accessibilty of hotels and apartments is an absolute must.


And don’t forget transport, especially when family and friends could be flying in from all over the world. Can they all easily get to your chosen venue? Are connections and timings simply going to deter important guests from undertaking the trip?

Other Important Considerations Planning Overseas Weddings

And still there’s more. From the logistics of food in a different country, to access to entertainment, to the serious business of observing local customs, religions and festivals.

Things like this all need researching in advance and might mean a change of location…or date…or maybe even making a firm decision on the venue before actually deciding who to invite.

Take Away The Stress

It’s a lot to think about. Far more than most families feel they have the time or the expertise to take on. Which is why it’s so reassuring to turn to an event company like SilverFox.

A team of professionals that masterminds your celebration for you, taking away all the stress and the strain, so you can immerse yourself in the joy of anticipating a flawless, seamless, beautiful day.

If you would like #SilverFox your overseas wedding, we would love for you to get in touch.

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