You want your event where?

You won’t be surprised to hear that very little fazes us when it comes to creating epic events.

You want The Great Gatsby film set in your garden? Can do. You need a Vegas casino in your local hotel? How big? You’d like it to be summer in the middle of winter? How sunny would you like it to be?

We never, ever, let location limit the possibilities. Great events can be staged anywhere. It just takes a can-do mentality.

That’s why we’ve arranged amazing parties and celebrations everywhere from The Natural History Museum to Liverpool’s Palm House, from the Dorchester to a sprawling country estate.

And as for distance, no problem. Picking up an idea and putting it down somewhere special is about logistics and extraordinary planning, Like the time a client wanted a party with a rustic Italian theme…so we took it high into the hills of Tuscany!

In your garden, on your doorstep, or on the other side of the world – from mountain retreats to beachside villas, from historic buildings to cultural capitals – Silverfox is your passport.

The world, as they say, is your oyster…and we can provide the pearls.

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